Where to Buy / Commissions

Thank you for your interest in my work. Purchasing Art is such a personal thing, it's a process I take very seriously.

Want to know where to purchase my work?

On-Line Store

Just click here to see what Carvings I currently have available for sale

Art Galleries

You can find a few of my pieces at these Galleries:

SmithKlein Gallery in Boulder, CO

Chauvet Arts Gallery in Nashville, TN


Custom Commissions

So if you're interested in having a Custom Commission completed, here's the simple process...

First, we talk. We talk first because it's the best way for me to really understand your vision and what you're looking for. Once we talk, I'll provide up to 3 Sketches, attempting to capture our conversations down on paper. Once we've landed on the concept, then I can generate a Quote for the Carving. This is important, as the Quote should now be comprehensive of our conversations and our shared vision. It will define the scope of the Carving, Price, approximate lead time to complete and Payment Terms. For Commissions I require a 50% Installment payment upfront, before any work begins. The remaining 50% is due upon completion. Then the final Carving is delivered to you.

It's that simple. This ensures we're both on the same page. You understand the value I bring to the table and the effort that goes into each of my Carvings. Depending on the subject matter, it could take 100's of hours to complete. My goal is to deliver an amazing, truly one-of-a-kind piece of Art to you. 

Just email me at bob@bobbruu.com to get the conversation going.

Thank you for your interest in my Art.