I'm an award winning Wood Artist.

I create realistic wood sculptures, specializing in wood carved Hats, Shoes and Clothing. My Studio is a 100 yr old Barn in Historic Downtown McKinney, TX. 

Go Buffs!


Carved Basswood

Airbrush & Acrylics


For over 25 years I've been carving wood. It's my canvas. Each piece is a unique challenge. I try to capture a simple object's personality, like a shirt or a hat, by giving it life, by giving it character.


I take a simple block of wood and allow it to begin to form and shape, while fighting the need to be perfect. This process allows the piece to form its own character, by which no two pieces are ever the same. 



Constant Battle for Perfection

"Human beings simply cannot create perfection with our hands. We can make things eye-perfect, but measurements will never lie. An object made by hand will have that human stamp on it. That's what gives a piece its soul."

- Eric Gorges

Casual Friday 


Carved Basswood

Airbrush & Acrylics

I was raised with a pencil, brush or tool in my hand. Always on a path to be creative, to work with my hands. At times the path went in different directions, but ultimately landed me where I was supposed to be. 

Hawaii Hat cutout 1.png


Carved Basswood

Airbrush & Acrylics


"To have a mindful soul, to be kind and respectful of others. To create meaningful Art and pass down what I know."

- Bob Bruu 2021


Carving, for me, started with an affinity for duck decoys in the 1980s. Meeting and learning from traditional wood carvers was the foundation I needed. And it grew for there. 


Lost Sole

Carved Basswood

Danish Oil

Drake Wood Duck Decoy

Carved Basswood



Tradition and Discovery

"Wood is a timeless medium. It can be shaped and transformed. It can remain bare or be covered. My goal is to see how far I can stretch myself and the medium. Each piece I do is a step in that journey."

Whiskey Papillions


Carved Whiskey Barrel

Wood Stains

Artists need a place to create. A space that speaks to them, a space that allows for thought and freedom.


I'm fortunate. My creative space is a 100 yr old barn nestled in the Historic District of Downtown McKinney, TX. It's only one of two unique structures still standing and it's my Workshop, Studio and Gallery. 


My Studio

The Barn dates back to 1902. This 100 yr old historic structure is my Workshop, Studio & Gallery. It's aura is the perfect place for me to create and get lost in time.  We're slowly bringing her back to life.


Latest News 

hawaii hat 1.jpg


Carved Basswood

maui hat 5.jpg


Carved Basswood



Carved Basswood


"Casual Friday"

Carved Basswood


Very excited to Announce that I'm now a Featured Artist with Martin & MacArthur in Hawaii


Winner of CQ63 Best in Show &

Masters of Contemporary Art, Vol 3

Casual Friday has been busy...previously selected to be part of the recently published Masters of Contemporary Wood Art, Volume 3.

Now, it's been announced that it's the Winner of the Creative Quarterly (CQ63) Best in Show in the Fine Art Category. The publication is due to hit bookshelves in September. 


I invite you to see the rest of my portfolio. My work focuses on custom commissions and gallery pieces. If you're interested in my work and want to learn more just reach out. 

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