Silent Memorial

Silent Memorial is a wood sculpture, meant to invoke emotion, to challenge the viewer. For me, it's very personal. For the viewer it's whatever emotion they may attach to it. It's tradition to not allow the red to show in the fold of a flag, but yet you can see a small glimpse of it in the carving. You can also see layers of colors exposed due to wear and tear. The flag is not smooth, it's unkempt. It struggles to hold it's form in silence.  ​To some this could represent where we are as a country, to some it could hearken memories of family members that served to protect. It's a personal experience.


My process starts with a block of wood and through removing layers upon layers of material a shape begins to form. Once the main shape is captured, defining key elements is critical to ensure the shape retains a true 3D look and feel. Once the woodcarving process is complete, moving into the finishing phase causes me to pause. It's a commitment to apply a finish, whether paint or stain. It makes me take a moment to ensure my plans are on point. The entire experience can take up to 200 hours to complete.


It is very personal getting lost in the sculpture, feeling like you're seeing in 3D and ultimately transforming and preserving an everyday object in a piece of wood. My goal with each wood sculpture I complete, is to draw the viewer in, to engage with the piece and challenge their it real or is it wood?

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McKinney, TX 



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