Why do Sunday Mornings Feel Different?

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Ever think about why Sunday mornings are just different? Sunday mornings can take on so many different personalities. It could be the divine routine of waking early for church service. Or the lazy, sleep in day regularly circled on your calendar. It could be the dreaded hangover morning from a few too many drinks the night before. It could be your long day, marked as key for training for an upcoming ride or run. It could be the standard family morning, everyone enjoying pancakes, eggs and bacon as the normal menu. It could be a downer, returning from your dream vacation. Or elation, leaving for your dream vacation.

Whatever personality it takes, its comfortable knowing it's Sunday. You have latitude to navigate the rest of the day however you see fit. You have one more day left of the weekend. It could be the routine family dinner day. Football Day. Mow the lawn day. Nothing but sit on your ass day. For some, Sunday's can be solemn, dreading the upcoming week ahead. With every hour they know their weekend is closing and soon back to reality. Thoughts of looming deadlines, bloated email inboxes slowly creeping into their minds. The foreboding Sunday evening is a different animal, almost a different day, within a day.

Sunday mornings are about memories of your childhood, sitting outside in a light rain sipping on a cup of coffee with your best friend in life. Talking without saying a word. Just being, absorbing the quiet sounds and scenes of a Sunday morning. The cardinal chirping, the squirrel teasing the dogs, the light breeze flowing through the backyard. The light rain gently hitting the tin roof of a 100 year old barn. Flowers blooming and expiring all at the same time. Hot coffee letting off a small, billowing cloud of vapor.

The cup naturally resting in your hand, instinctively taking small sips so you don't disturb the natural scene around you. It's a special day no matter it's personality.

What's your favorite Sunday Morning?

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