Whiskey Barrel Transformation

The folks over at Rye recently donated a bunch of old whiskey barrels to the studio. I was looking to see if I could uniquely transform this into something a bit different than what you traditionally see. This is what we came up with.

It started with a blank canvas.

The original barrel as the blank canvas.

After loosely laying out the pattern on the barrel I began to pierce certain areas. The barrel was 1/2" thick so getting all the piercing work was tedious, making sure the barrel also maintained integrity.

Used duck tape to keep the barrel together as the piercing began

From here, I started to carve the detail for each butterfly and flower

Once that was done, I used a wood burning pen to complete the pyrography portion of the design

The final stage was to stain each butterfly and flower with a special wood stain mix to achieve a cohesive color combination. Lastly, I took an old scrap piece of oak and turned it on the lathe to create a base, added a spare whiskey barrel band to make it appear to be a wine barrel top.

The final composition came out better than I expected. This is a unique piece that took about 80 hours to complete. I'd like to do more in the future.

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