What's on My Bookshelf? - November

I'm a slow reader. I mean slow. And I ebb and flow as a reader. But I LOVE book stores. Especially the small Mom & Pop ones you find in mountain and small towns. I always go straight to the local author and regional sections. It's a great way to learn more about the place you're visiting. You get a sense of what's important to that area. What the storekeeper feels they should keep relevant for their customers. It's awesome. I always buy more books than I'll ever read while in town, but I make sure to leave room in my bag for all the goodies to take home.

So...what's on my bookshelf right now? You ask? Well, if you've ever read "The Monkey Wrench Gang" or "Desert Solitaire" by Edward Abbey you would really enjoy this one. It's titled "Wrenched From The Land". It's a series of interviews by ML Lincoln of a number of key environmental activists that were inspired by Edward Abbey. Each activist talks about how they met and were influenced by Abbey and how they became deeply involved in the fight for the environment. Each of those interviewed have played major roles in helping and battling to save elements of the environment over the years.

Now that I'm a Grandfather to an almost 1 yr old granddaughter, the environment is a looming topic for me. I've always loved being outside, in nature. The mountains and the beach are my exhale. When I drive and I see what's being done to the land in the name of progress. When I see what's been done to populations of people because of their heritage, it's saddens me. There's more we can do to ensure the next generation has a shot. I believe change is coming. I think the youth of this country have seen enough of us doing destructive things to our planet and ourselves. They're going to force change.

As I've read this book I questioned myself in what I'm doing to effect change. Getting smarter on several key topics is one. Taking action in various ways of donating time and money is another. Then just caring and spreading the word on why it's important. So to get started I joined the Center for Biological Diversity as a supporter. It's a great site to learn about what's happening with our wildlife population and policies. I'm also going to get a bit smarter on the policy shifts on Green Energy. Lastly, I'll be sure to share and educate my granddaughter on the incredible importance on why we should care about the environment. Take her camping and fishing. Let her explore the wilderness with her own eyes and senses. Let her form her own relationship with the environment and then she'll really understand why we need to save it.

What's on your bookshelf?

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