What's on my Bookshelf ? December Edition

I'm a sucker for a running or cycling adventure book. There's something about the narrative and the subject matter that just pulls me in. I guess it's the idea of being out in the world, self supporting, solely dependent on your body and mind to get you through an epic adventure is what truly entices me. This month I've started reading "Spirit Run" by Noe Alvarez.

Noe is the son of Mexican immigrants who grew up in Yakima, Washington. This book talks about his journey from watching his mother work tirelessly at an apple-picking plant to being a first generation family member to attend college. The story goes on to talk about his challenges in fitting at school, to dropping out and then finding himself on an epic four month marathon journey, running from Canada to Guatemala. He joins a series of Native American tribes along the way and begins to see the land in a different way than what is taught. Seeing first hand the impact on Indigenous peoples, how over development of the land has negatively impacted communities, he uses the act of running and his experiences on the journey to begin to transform.

By the book from a book store - preferably a local one, if you're lucky enough.

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