What I listen to in The Barn - November

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Decided to share what I'm listening to and probably what I'm reading each month. You can decide if you want to check it out or just move on. As always... your choice. This months spotlight music is on Bruce Springsteen's latest release "Letter to You". The title song is good, but I like the deeper cuts. "Janey Needs a Shooter", "If I Was The Priest" and "House of a Thousand Guitars" are my favorites, so far. I'm a sucker for a Springsteen album. I started listening to Springsteen in the mid-70s. We moved to the San Fernando Valley in 1975 from NY, via a 2 year stint in Ft Lauderdale. All stories for another day. When we landed in The Valley, I was immediately introduced to some music I really never paid much attention to - The Beach Boys, Neil Young, Crosby, Stills & Nash and Springsteen. When I got my license at 16, we would cruise up and down Van Nuys Blvd. Had an old beat up car, with a cheap stereo. We would crank up Bruce, roll the windows down and cruise for chicks. We thought we were so cool. Never really landed a ton of chicks, but loved the music and the vibe. There are certain songs of his that can transport me right back.

When life took over and I had to grow up, get married, have kids, get a real job, all that. I stopped listening to him. Not sure why, but I took a long break. Until 9/11. Then he released "The Rising". I couldn't stop listening to it. From the haunting "The Rising" and "Empty Sky" to the bouncy "Mary's Place" to "Nothin Man". It's an amazing collection of songs. Both of my sons were young then, deeply involved in travel baseball, music was a huge part of our long car rides back and forth from the fields. This where I introduced them to Bruce.

We all have our favorites. Music is good for the soul. It gets us through tough times and has us moving through the good with a bounce in our step. Like many of you, a song can come on and I know exactly where I was when I first heard it. What mood I was in and what effect it had on me.

Check out "Letter to You" by Bruce Springsteen.

This is what I'm listening to, what about you?


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