The Barn 2020 Project

2020 hasn't been the greatest of years, the daily news grind reflects that. But, it's not all grim, there's a lot of positive things happening. After close to 5 years, we finally decided to kick off our Barn renovation project. On our property sits a barn that dates back to at least 1902, it goes back to the first home owner W.H. Simms. Simms worked for the newly formed Wells Fargo Express back then. Over the last 100 years it's been augmented and repaired. But the overall bones remain the same, it has a slight lean and a 100 years worth of character. All things we set out to save and ensure lasts another 100 years. We're proud to keep The Barn alive and living, it's a gem for the historic downtown McKinney area. We've been told it's only one of two, in the area, that are still standing. We're in the midst of getting the exterior completed, with all new western red cedar siding, while maintaining the same baton trim, scallops and roof line. It was missing doors and windows, so we're adding those as well. Once the exterior is complete, we'll move into the interior and reclad the walls. We hope to have The Barn open for the public to see in the Spring of 2021. In the meantime, I'll post weekly pictures here so you can see the progress. You can also follow me on Instagram for more Barn updates.

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