New Gallery - Aloha Martin & MacArthur

When you least expect it, opportunity knocks. We’re in Hawaii a couple of weeks ago on our honeymoon and we always love shopping at a Martin & MacArthur store. They’ve been around for over 50 years. We walked into their International Marketplace store in Honolulu on Sunday. Started a conversation with the Store Manager about their amazing Koa wood products and wood carvings. One thing leads to another, I mentioned I carved wood as well. He asked for an email with more information, next thing I know the email is forwarded to the CEO. The next day at lunch I get a call from the CEO. Now I have an opportunity to be a featured artist in their 12 stores on four islands.

I’ve wanted to have my work shown in Hawaii for a very long time. I came with zero intention, the conversation just flowed, the opportunity just appeared. It was genuine, authentic, nothing forced.

Mahalo universe.

My first shipment is being packed up as we speak. Aloha.

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