Latest Carving - Gouden Hand

A couple of months ago a woman reached out to me looking for a unique gift for her husbands upcoming 50th birthday. He came to the US from Belgium and wanted something that was truly meaningful. She asked if I would carve a sculpture of his hand in a certain pose, with three small birds that represented her and their two daughters. And add a symbol of Belgium.

It was an honor to take on this request and be able to make art for a very special milestone in life. The only thing was, I’ve never done any type of anatomical carving before. This was going to be a new challenge.

After about a month of carving, using various reference photos of his hand and a sycamore limb from our neighbors fallen tree, I’m more than pleased with the outcome of the Gouden Hand (Golden Hand). This experience opened my eyes to a whole new subject matter.

The hand is carved Sycamore, the birds and base are walnut. Please check out my website to see more of this and my other carvings.

If you would like to have something uniquely carved for yourself or a loved one, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

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