Full Circle - Carving a Drake Woody

full circle adverb Definition of full circle : through a series of developments that lead back to the original source, position, or situation —usually used in the phrase come full circle

Thirty three years ago I picked up my first carving knife and carved a bear (sort of). My main goal was to carve ducks and that's what I did, soon after. Then I stopped carving for a very long time. But after a long hiatus, I just completed my first duck decoy in over 25 years. A Client approached me about completing a Drake Wood Duck for her husbands upcoming 50th birthday. It just felt like it was time to get back into it. It was energizing to come full circle, to return to the subject matter that got me into this art form to begin with.

There's a very specific process you need to follow when carving ducks and birds in order to ensure accuracy and realism. It took a while to shake off the cob webs and honestly, I had to revisit old reference materials to get me back on track. But once I got into a rhythm it was like riding the proverbial bicycle. Drake Woodies have a very intricate painting process that includes vermiculation and iridescent paints. If done right, the outcome is pretty stunning. This is off to the Client as we speak.

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