Fear of Making Dreams Come True

Do you ever fear of making your dreams come true? Do you sit and daydream, staring at magazines, read books, watch inspiring shows, see other people achieving and then begin to allow yourself to dream of the “what if”. Of the “why not”. The sudden declaration of “I’m going to make it happen!” The old “if they can do it…”.

And then thought and the vision begins to manifest itself. Now you’re researching and reading more about it. You begin to fantasize about the possibilities, the vision is growing right before your eyes. Your heart rate quickens as you think about this great, inspiring idea. You’re on the cusp of making this happen…. And then.

A few days go by, you become distracted, everyday reality takes hold, the doubts begin to seep in like smoke billowing under a dank door. The fog of doubt shrouds your mind and suddenly that dream, that was so attainable just yesterday, becomes impossible, improbable, no freaking way you can make that happen. And just like that, you move on to the next. No steps taken. Nothing ventured…nothing gained, you mumble to yourself…again.

Is this just me, or do you ever go through something like this?

I’ve done this for most of my life. It’s only recently I’m beginning to understand the power of these ideas, the strength of the energy and the mindset required. Much of it comes from my best friend in life, my source of strength and confidence. She’s turned so much of my life around, allowing me to unlock things that have been stowed away for years. Don’t get me wrong I still have fears of making my dreams come true. But everyday I’m chipping away at those fears and allowing myself to inch forward, to begin to think about the positive, not to dwell on the negative. Not to drop right to the bottom line of the improbable and declare the whole thing a failure without making any moves. It’s a step-by-step process to grasp the idea, the vision, the fleeting thought and give it life. Round it off. Plant it, water it, nurture it and allow it to take root. I’m getting close, I can feel it. The fog is lifting. The fear is there and should always be there to some extent. It helps to stay grounded, but not to rule and control the flow forward. But to be your bumper, keep you on course. I’m really getting close to figuring it out.

How about you?

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