Favorite New Saying - “You can’t wait for life to be easy, to be happy”

I heard this on Americas Got Talent of all things. I have weak moments when I flip channels. As I was surfing along, I caught this act, it was a woman, and she was telling her story. She’s battling cancer and her dream is to sing. Instead of allowing cancer to kill her dreams and spirit, she simply said No. She quietly and poetically said, “You can’t wait for life to be easy, to be happy.” That’s powerful when you stand back and examine what she simply said.

So many of us, especially me, have gotten caught in waiting for life to feel easier, before allowing ourselves to feel happy. It’s a false precedent we’re setting for ourselves. Because guess what, life is hard. Life is tough. We will fail, we will succeed, we will be sad, people will die that we love, people will leave us, people will hate us, people will love us. Jobs will suck, ideas will be great, until they’re not. Dreams will get dashed. Dreams will come true. Knees will get scraped, arms will get broken, hearts will get broken too. Bones will mend. Hearts will too.

Waiting for life to be easy, before we’re happy is impossible. Maybe that’s why it feels like the world is so full of hate right now. Things aren’t getting any easier, there’s always something to complain about. People are seeking it, thriving on it. Looking for reasons, telling lies, feeding theories to empty heads.

“You can’t wait for life to be easy, to be happy” is my new favorite saying. I try to remind myself of it often. To effect change requires us to break our patterns. My patterns are indelibly stamped it seems, so I’m working and trying hard to measure up to what this woman, who’s battling cancer, but feeling happy and grateful, so beautifully stated. How about you? What do you think when you read what she said? Resonate or cause an allergic reaction?

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