Daily..Maybe...Hopefully...Blogging Challenge

Starting something today, something I've been thinking about for a while now, a daily blogging challenge for myself. You're certainly welcome to read and comment, but know it's for me. Over the next 365 days I'll be posting...something. Topics will vary, length will vary, very likely quality will vary as well.

I know this website is for my art, but I have another passion that's been under wraps for a while. It's something that I've grown up hating, but as I've aged, I've grown to lean on. It's Writing. I HATED English classes from stem to stern. From the time I could remember through high school. Dreaded the class. Hated writing, like really hated it. Especially those assignments that crossed over a weekend and there I would be sitting, staring at my typewriter, using that damn White Out for the millionth time on a Sunday night. Hearing the 60 Minutes theme in the background, dread growing and gnawing at my stomach. Knowing I'm just hours away from having to get to bed for school on Monday. Crap.

Never putting sentences or thoughts together very well, always searching for words to describe a cloud or a rainy day in a really dramatic, impressive way. Always coming up short when the graded papers were handed back. I guess it wasn't all that bad, there were some highlights. Like the time we went out with my High School English teacher. This was the late 1970's in the San Fernando Valley. She was cute and young. We were young and obnoxiously cute, I guess. We asked, she accepted. So there we were, my best friend and I sitting on either side of our English Teacher, watching Arnold Schwarzenegger in "Conan the Barbarian", of all movies. Nothing came of it, just a one time event. My damn grades didn't even improve, just to cement the fact that nothing came of it.

Writing finally became interesting in my Freshmen English Class. We had to keep a daily journal and this intrigued me. So much was going on in my life at that time, the journal was cathartic. It was the first English Class assignment that I could actually benefit from. From there I took a TV, Radio and Film Class where we had to write a full blown movie script. I came up with a storyboard, researched my topics and proceeded to write a 150+ page script, complete with camera angles and acting notes. It even produced a rare "A". Still have that script today.

Now, Writing has turned into more of a trusted friend. It's what I use to flush out some dark thoughts nestled in the corners of my mind, to organize myself, to vomit out all the crap that's going on in my head. It's my barometer of how I'm doing.

I'm reading more today than I've ever read in my life. All kinds of books. My go-to was sports books, especially running or anything to do with a crazy endurance event. Like the guy who ran the Badwater Marathon (135 mile run, essentially 5 Marathons across Death Valley) with very little training, or the guy that left a party after turning 30, hating who he had become and ran 30 miles, ordering a pizza half-way through. I'm a sucker for those books. Now I'm expanding my reach, reading all genres. I purchased an autographed copy of "Deep Creek Finding Hope in the High Country" by Pam Houston while on a visit through Durango, Co last year. One of my favorite bookstores is located there, Maria's Bookshop on Main St in the heart of Durango. I just started reading it and I'm instantly blown away by Pam's writing style. Seems so effortless, it just grabs you and pulls you in. By reading her book I'm inspired to write more than ever.

So here we are. My first post, of my first personal blogging challenge. If you come along for the ride...good luck. I'll apologize for the content up front, hopefully it will get better in a month or so.

Until tomorrow...keep pedaling.

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