Carving out a New Way of Living

As I sit here, with all that's going on in the world, I have 13 working days until I leave corporate life. 13 working days. After 32 years of being in corporate America, I'm making the bold move to finally move on, move away, move towards the dreams I've been keeping under wraps for so many years. I just turned 58 and I'm starting a new career. Some may think I'm more than crazy for leaving a really good paying and secure job. Especially with all of the unknowns right now. Maybe I'm nuts, but it's time. It's time to take action.

What is my new career? Well, it's a bit of a few things. The main thing is a big focus on my art. The timing with the barn renovation is part of the master plan. Up until now I just haven't been able to spend the necessary time to continue to refine my work, produce the amount of quality pieces I'd like to get out in front of people in the right way. With The Barn reno, I'll have a new workshop and studio that will inspire me to create amazing art. I'm more than eager to get to work full-time.

The other growing interest is to continue to learn about carpentry, furniture building, electrical and home building in general. Getting my hands dirty on the barn renovation has piqued my interest to learn more. I would love to combine my carving skills with carpentry, historic building renovations and furniture builds. The new Collin County Technical school will likely have a new student in 2021.

I figured I only have so much time with the hands that I've been given. I could've waited another year or two before leaving corporate. Always wondering if I have enough in the bank, is the timing right, what happens if something goes wrong, etc. I could come up with a dozen more reasons to stay. But is that what life's all about? Or is it about taking chances? Chasing dreams? Doing purposeful work? I chose the latter.

I'm very much a "universe will dictate" kinda guy. And things happen for a reason. So when the opportunity landed at work to take advantage of a "package", I jumped at the chance.

So, in 13 working days, my mornings will be very different. No rush to the laptop to check emails or IMs. No more PowerPoint deadlines. No more office politics. Also, no more corporate paychecks, bonuses and benefits. It's a trade-off for sure. It'll be an adjustment. I'll get nervous. There will be times when I may second guess myself. But when I take a deep breath and look around, I know I'll be OK. I have an amazing person in my life that supports me and allows me to fail, knowing I'm learning and won't make the same mistakes. She's always there to root me on and pick me up. For that, I'm very thankful.

So, next time you're walking by The Barn and you hear music and lots of noisy tools, that's just me carving out a new way of living. Just know there's nothing else I'd rather be doing.


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