Butterfly Logo Hand Carved Chair

Not too long ago a new Client reached out looking for someone to do something unique to an old "throne chair". Better yet, it was for her daughter, Amber Patino who is a young Singer, Song Writer and Actress. She is releasing a new album soon and wanted to have this really cool chair backing made to augment the old chair. This 'throne chair" would then be used in her upcoming music videos.

The centerpiece of this backing was her really unique Butterfly logo. Not having done a bunch of hand carved furniture work before, I was a little out of my comfort zone. But once I got into it, I began to see the vision.

A little bit about this piece...

- The anchor is the Maple Plywood backing, about 6' in height.

- The carved pieces that surround it like a shadow box are 5 individually hand carve pieces made from Basswood.

- The centerpiece is Amber's really cool Butterfly Logo, also relief carved from Basswood.

- To round it out, the two twigs are more hand carved Basswood.

- Approximately 170 hrs to complete.

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